Jumma Mubarak SMS

Just copy these Jumma Mubarak SMS and send it to your beloved ones. We have updated a large number of Friday SMS or Blessing of Friday SMS in different languages including Urdu, Hindi, English, and Arabic. The trend of sending and receiving these SMS is decreasing day by day because people shifted from SMS to WhatsApp. WhatsApp messages have just replaced the SMS trend but still you can use them. As most of the people still love to do SMS to their beloved friends and family members. So if you want to share Jumma Mubarak Pic then you must use the WhatsApp as you can share pics on Whatsapp but if you want to share text then use these Happy Friday messages. We have also updated Jumma Mubarak Gif that you can check from this website.

Jumma Mubarak SMS

You can check Jumma Mubarak messages from this website as we have shared different types of messages for our followers. On this website, you can also find the WhatsApp statuses, Facebook stories related to Jumma Mubarak. So for this time, you have to go down and copy your favorite SMS and send it to your friends.

Jumma Mubarak Islamic SMS:

If you are looking for the best Jumma Mubarak Islamic SMS then this is the best platform for you. On this website, we have updated the list of best Islamic SMS for those Muslims who love to share these SMS.

Don’t forget to say every minute :

 la ilaha illa allah لا اله الا الله
Allahu Akbar الله أكبر
Alhamdulillah الحمد لله
Subhanallah سبحان الله
*Astaghfirullah استغفر الله
*La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله



Duniya is not the resting place

Its a testing place

Jumma Mubarak


Phir Naya Din, Pyari Subha, Bohat Si Umeedain
Khair Ki Khabrain Our Mohabton K Ujalay Rakhna.
Jumma Mubarak …


Jumma Mubarak SMS Dua:

Aside from general SMS, You can check Jumma Mubarak SMS dua from here. You can also check Jumma Mubarak Dua me yad rakhna messages from here which we also have updated here for the Muslims.

This website is prepared for the Muslims who love to share Friday related content. You can visit the main page of this website to check more pictures and photos related to Friday.


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